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Best Priced Local & Long Distance Moving In Cleveland Ohio

March 07 2018

Choosing a moving company can often be a difficult and tedious process.  Who is the best priced?  Who will take care of my belongings?  Who can I trust?  With Gamidov Movers, we have built our business on the staple of being both the lowest cost and most efficient moving company in the area.

One thing that many of our clients who move in from out of state have questions regarding is – who exactly are we?  We’ve done long distance moves from as far as New York to Cleveland and Cleveland, Ohio to Florida.  Some of our clients simply find us through Google and don’t know that much about us.

We have built an amazing reputation as one of the lowest cost local & long distance movers by simply analyzing our market and competitors and reducing our costs.  You won’t be billed until we arrive, we don’t charge extra for straps and dolly’s – nor should we.  Other companies attach hidden fee’s and make a tremendous amount of extra cash off of these practices.  We’re perfectly content making what we make per year, there’s no need to add on an extra few million dollars.  We’re simply not greedy.

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