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The Lowest Priced Moving Company In Cleveland Ohio, The Best Moving Company In Cleveland

March 14 2018

Gamidov Movers is the lowest price moving company in Cleveland.  We actually guarantee that.  We can assure you that our price is cheaper because we’ve already quoted our competitors.  With almost every single moving company that exists, they charge you almost $50 more per hour and will charge you an additional fee for using specific accessories during the move.  We don’t charge you anything extra than our hourly wage – or if something is quoted and informed to you before the move starts.  In addition, our time doesn’t start ticking (cost per hour) until we actually arrive on your property, every other local move company will bill you from the moment that they leave their headquarters until the moment that they return.

Here’s some differences between us, Gamidov Movers & the rest of the Cleveland Ohio moving companies that are predominantly in existence today.


Avg. Hourly Wage:  $95.00/hr (Gamidov)  vs.  $125.00/hr (2 Men & A Truck, others)

Start Time At Job Site?  YES (Gamidov)  vs. NO (Other companies)

Charge Extra For Accessories?  NO (Gamidov)  vs.  YES (Other companies)

These three main principles listed above will save you hundreds when choosing our company over our competitor.  The owner of Gamidov, Emil Gamidov, firmly believes in offering Cleveland Ohio residents the absolute best pricing available.  Mr. Gamidov also owns a vast network of Gym’s, Fitness Clubs and Corporate Holdings in the Cleveland, Ohio area.  It should be noted that Gamidov Movers was created when Mr. Gamidov himself became tired of moving companies charging excessive hidden fee’s.

Please take the time to read more about Gamidov and see the full list of the services that we have to offer here:  http://gamidovmovers.com/our-services/



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