Long Distance


At GAMIDOV Movers we understand a move with many miles on the road can be overwhelming and frustrating tackling it on your own. We will provide you with a custom experience that fits your budget and needs. Our movers keep a close eye on your belongings throughout the entire move weather you are moving across the state, out of state, or cross country.


Long Moves Require Professionals

Traveling a great distance increases the risk for potential damage to your items.  If you have a household or business with a large number of items – great care must be taken to ensure their safekeeping.  Improper packing, storing and hauling the load inadequately can result in damaged goods.  We take pride in taking every step and precaution during all of our transports to make sure that your belongings arrive in their original conditioning.

Safe & Steady Driving

With long distance moving there’s nothing worse than a speedster on the roads.  We at Gamidov Movers ensure we arrive on time and on track to get your things where they need to be.  We do all of this in a timely and professional manner, making sure to not cut any sharp turns, avoid any dangerous roads and to protect your belongings at all costs.

Steady Moving, Fast Delivery

Long distance moves require coordination and a steady pace.  Our trucks are always filled and our workers are always ready to ensure that we can get you on the road a.s.a.p.


All of our services focus on comfort and peace of mind for our clients.

  • GPS truck tracking (upon request via android/iPhone applicaiton).
  • Documented and detailed stops and progress reports.
  • Inspection of payload every 75 miles.

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