Packing & Unpacking


At GAMIDOV Movers we can do the packing while you do the relaxing. We can customize a packing plan for your specific budget. You pack everything. We pack some. We pack everything.

As easy as we packed your belongings we can also unpack and place them in the designated locations as you specify. We can customize a packing and un-packing plan for your specific budget.

If you have fine china and other fragile items we also can provide boxes, bubble wrap, peanuts and other packing materials (at cost) if necessary.

Our packers have all been highly trained to ensure that the pack your items extremely snug and are loaded with the proper care.

In addition to packing our unpacking service allows you to prop your feet up while we do all of the work.  Truly giving you the opportunity to enjoy your new home or business location right away without the hassle.

Our unpacking and packing service is based out of Cleveland, Ohio and available for the entire state of Ohio as well as most of the Northeastern United States.

Please don’t hesitate to inquire into our packing service as we are always available to help and willing to meet your needs.


Packing & Unpacking Made Easy

Why do all the hard work when we can do it for you?  Or packing and unpacking service is at the lowest it could possibly be, and we’re running a promo right now through July 4th, 2018.  So if you give us a call be sure to ask what our current promo is!

Honest And Dependable

Many reasons for clients not choosing to have a packing or unpacking service is because of trust issues.  We have fully vetted all of our employee’s and do not hire felons or even individuals for lower level misdemeanor convictions.  We take pride in having clean slate individuals coming into your home and handling your personal possessions.

Quality Commitment

We take our time when we pack and unpack, there’s no sense in rushing.  We set a realistic schedule that we can always make and want to ensure that you’re items are handled with care during that process.


If you’re ready to get started, request a quote and a representative from Gamidov will get in touch with you immediately.


Our company is one of the fastest growing moving companies in Northeast, Ohio.  This has been done via many different way but there’s no bigger reason than our quality.  Obviously we are the lowest priced around town, but we also match our competitors with our professionalism.

When using our service we take extra care of your items and provide a great number of services that most clients never actually get to witness.

  • Load management and assessment protocols (via digital trackers in our trucks)
  • Packing and unpacking reviews
  • Consistent quality checks between one employee and the other to ensure both are working in tandem.

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