Residential Moves


Don’t stress, you don’t have to move we do!  If you’re moving into a residential area in and around the Cleveland area there’s a really good chance that we’ve already been there.

We have made more than 7,000 local moves, most of which have been residential in and around Cleveland.  Residential moves can sometimes pose great challenges for our clients as appliances and furniture may not find through causeways.  There’s always a method to get your furniture and belongings in the door and that’s what were here for!


We Show Up Early

We love starting our jobs early, the earlier the better – so if we have a 8am appointment, don’t be surprised if we’re already there at 7:30-7:45 and beginning to prep for your move.

Working Late

We never stop – not until the job is done.  Sometimes that means having to work extra hours and make multiple trips.

Quality Commitment

There’s nothing worse than trying to do your move yourself into your new home.  Scuffed floors and dinged walls are not a very good welcoming present for yourself.   Let us do the hard work for you so that way you can ensure your new home will be untouched and saved from any possible damages.


We are the cheapest and lowest priced moving company in Cleveland, here’s some reasons why:

  • We don’t charge any hidden fee’s (ie: straps, dolly’s, etc).
  • We don’t start billing you until we arrive on your property.
  • We don’t operate based off of purely greed, in fact our company was created by Emil Gamidov simply because he couldn’t tolerate the excessive moving fee’s that existed!

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In case you haven’t noticed our company slogan is “We Put Our Name On It!”, literally.  The owner of the company, Emil Gamidov, created the business and named it after himself.  He has an amazing reputation in and around Cleveland Ohio for his many companies in the fitness industry, including widely popular gyms, personal training companies and so forth.  Mr. Gamidov is a staple of the community and so is Gamidov Movers.

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